DELTA is a new online system provided by MHCLG to streamline its processes and systems for collecting statistical data and grant applications

DELTA is replacing the data collection systems for:

  • local government finance data (Excel)
  • housing and planning data (INTERFORM)
  • grant administration (LOGASnet)

Further information on DELTA is given below; please also see our Frequently Asked Questions


DELTA will be available for live data returns from July 2017 and statistical data collections are moving to DELTA throughout 2017/18 in line with standard collection timetables. A planned schedule for statistical data returns going live on DELTA is available here.

There is no change to the data that we are collecting, or the timetable for collections; Excel forms for local government finance statistics and INTERFORM screens for housing and planning data are being re-created in DELTA. However, there will be a new look and feel to the forms and some changes to layout and validations reflecting DELTA's functionality.

LOGASnet will be replaced by a new system called DELTA in spring 2018. There will be a single switchover period of approximately two weeks when LOGASnet is closed and relevant data will be migrated over to the DELTA system.

Please visit the FAQ page for further information.

User Accounts

If you currently provide, certify or audit data through one of the MHCLG legacy systems that are being replaced by DELTA you will automatically be set up with a user account. This will be populated with the details we hold for you - email address, organisation and datasets you are responsible for.

Shortly before your data submission goes live (see schedule) you will receive an automated account activation email from This will be sent to your user name (which is your email address) and provide you with a link to reset your password. If by this point you haven't received your user account details please contact the Helpdesk.

All users of the LOGASnet system will receive notification of their DELTA user accounts in spring 2018 prior to the switchover to DELTA.

To continue administering your data collection and/or grant-related payments, you will need to be a user on DELTA.

Further information about how to login will also be provided here.

Contact the Helpdesk

Please click here.

User Guides

These Quick Guides will provide simple and easy advice on how to use the DELTA system. These will be available to view once you receive your User Account details.

All Users

User Set Up & Login

User Roles

Email Notifications

Viewing and Editing Your Data

Data Store

Data Providers

How to Complete a Collection Request (Provide Data)

Bulk Upload

Data Certifiers & Audit Teams

Certification Process

Upload Supporting Documents

Schedule of Statistical Returns

Collection Planned DELTA Live Date
Monthly Borrowing & Lending July 2017*
Quarterly revenue outturn Sep 2017*
Quarterly borrowing and lending inquiry Sep 2017*
Quarterly return of Council Taxes and non-domestic rates Sep 2017*
Annual Rough Sleeping Count Sep 2017*
Quarterly Housebuilding Oct 2017*
Approved Inspectors Return Oct 2017*
Capital payments and receipts return Dec 2017
Housing Delivery Test Jan 2018*
Traveller Caravan Count Jan 2018*
General fund revenue account budget Feb 2018*
Capital estimates return Mar 2018
Public Works Loan Board certainty rate return Mar 2018
Capital payments and receipts return (CPR Q4) Mar 2018
Local Authority Housing Statistics Apr 2018
Quarterly return of Council Taxes and non-domestic rates (QRC Q4) Apr 2018
General Development Control Apr 2018
Combined Development Control Apr 2018
General fund revenue account outturn May 2018
Capital outturn return May 2018
Annual Green Belt Return Jun 2018
Housing Flows Reconciliation Jun 2018
Local government pension scheme funds account return Jul 2018
Council Tax Base Calculation Sep 2018
National non-domestic rates return (Forecast) Dec 2018
Council Tax requirement return (CTR1, CTR2, CTR3) Feb 2019
National non-domestic rates return (Outturn) Mar 2019

* These collections have now all been migrated onto DELTA and the first live collection has taken place or is in progress. All subsequent collections will be on DELTA.