What is DELTA?

DELTA is the online system developed by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) to streamline its processes and systems for collecting statistical data and grant administration.

What are the benefits of DELTA?

DELTA provides:

  • An efficient and user-friendly method of providing data with intuitive guidance within the forms.
  • Automated advance notification via email to the responsible users of the forms due for completion and updates on the progress of data submissions.
  • One consolidated system for data submissions, in line with Government Digital Service (GDS) guidelines.
  • Data held in one central secure system.
  • Auditing of data and grant returns
  • Validation of data at the point of entry, resulting in better quality data for National Statistics and reducing the need to chase for additional information.
  • Allow users to inform themselves of financial transactions between DLUHC and their organisation.


Do I require a DELTA user account?

If you currently provide, certify or audit DLUHC data or grant information, you will require a user account. If you already have a user account for TFIS or Eclaims you can use the same username and password to log into DELTA. You will need to set up your DELTA account details in the My Profile page.

How do I log in to DELTA?

DELTA is accessed online using an Internet web browser. The web address is

You will need your email address (username) and password to log into the system.

My account is locked, what do I do?

If you enter your password or username incorrectly three times, your account will be temporarily locked. Please wait 30 minutes and try again. You can reset your password if you have forgotten it or if your password has expired (see below). If you successfully reset your password and then try to reset it again on the same day, you will be locked out for 24 hours.

If you need your account to be unlocked, please contact the Service Desk.

My password has expired, what do I do?

The password expiry period of 90 days has been set for online security reasons and cannot be changed. So, if you have not logged into DELTA for 90 days your password will have automatically expired. Please reset your password using the password reset function on the login page.

How do I reset my password?

There is an automated password reset function on the DELTA Login page. In the event that you still have problems please contact the Service Desk

What format should my password take?

Passwords should be at least 10 characters long and include characters from three of the following four categories:

  • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
  • English lowercase characters (a through z)
  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
  • Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

The new password cannot be the same as ones you have used previously for DELTA.

What should I do if my personal details have changed?

If your personal details such as surname, phone number or other details have changed, go to My Account/My Profile and make the necessary changes to your user account. If your email has changed please contact the Service Desk. This may take slightly longer to reconfigure than other changes.

Will I be able to access DELTA outside of my corporate/organisation network?

Yes. DELTA is a web-based system. So, providing you have your login details you can access DELTA anywhere by opening your Internet browser and going to the website. DELTA will be accessible through mobile devices although it has not been fully tested on these devices and all functionality may not be available. It is recommended that the standard desktop site is used. Please do not save your DELTA password onto mobile devices or unsecured laptops.

What Internet web browsers can I use to access DELTA?

It is recommended that you use:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer version 9 or later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox.

Functionality cannot be assured or supported through other browsers.

Is DELTA secure?

Yes, DELTA has independent security accreditation, in line with GDS Guidelines. The DELTA application has undergone an IT Health Check (ITHC) carried out by independent security specialists contracted by DLUHC. All testing was undertaken under the CESG CHECK scheme resulting in accreditation of DELTA to hold classified information up to and including OFFICIAL.

Will I need to download any software to be able to use DELTA?

No software is required other than the supported Internet browsers (see above). We would recommend you have access to a PDF document reader in order to be able to read guidance and in order to download copies of completed forms for your records if you wish (e.g. Adobe Acrobat).

Will all users have the same privileges?

Users will be set up on DELTA in line with their specific access requirements and each user will be able to view the parts of the system relevant to their role and job function e.g. data provider, data certifier, data auditor. You can check your details in the My Profile page. If you require different privileges or think they have been set up incorrectly then you can update them on this page. If you have any difficulties in doing this or can’t see the options you need, please contact the Service Desk.

Why do I need to provide a personal work email address?

A security requirement for accessing DELTA is that you must set up your user account using an email address that is used only by you and is not shared with any of your colleagues. A shared mailbox to which a number of personnel have access to means there is no direct accountability to an individual for the data provided.

Can DELTA communications be sent to a shared email box so that they can be picked up by other team members in my absence?

DELTA will timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity, but DELTA will autosave the data you have entered in your form after 10 minutes of inactivity. However, it is still advisable to save any data you have entered if you need to take a break from using the system. This inactivity time-out is a security requirement and cannot be changed. If you have returned to DELTA after a short break, do not enter any new data. Click the Save button and/or refresh your browser to check whether you are still logged in.


Is there a function for bulk upload of data?

The option to download a bulk upload template is not activated for all collections – your DLUHC data collection contact should provide you with details if this is available for your collection. If this is an option, it will be available under 'Collection Requests - Actions' so please check here to see if you have this option. A bulk upload template will either be available to download, or you will be sent a bulk upload template as part of your documentation when the collection window opens. The template will contain the column headers in an Excel file that are required for the data collection instance. This can be populated with data and uploaded into DELTA. Please see the User Guide for further information.

Will any other organisations be able to see my data?

No, only individuals responsible for specific data submissions within their organisation will be able to view their data. Some users act for more than one organisation and their user account will be set up to reflect their different responsibilities for multiple organisations. However, users who provide data for the Rogue Landlords Database will be able to view RLD data supplied by other local authorities.

If I submit data for different returns, do I just have one user account?

Yes. Your user account can be used for all your returns. You can select which returns you need to provide for in your My Profile Page.

If I provide data for more than one organisation, do I need more than one user account?

No. DELTA user accounts are configured to allow the user to provide data for more than one organisation. Your permissions and roles can be set up according to what we know about the organisations you provide different datasets for. If you have an account to provide data for more than one organisation, when you login to DELTA you will see a drop down box in the top right corner - you must select the organisation you are submitting the return for.

My local authority has recently merged, what do I do?

Please contact the Service Desk to discuss which forms you will be completing for your new authority, or if you no longer require a DELTA account. Also please let the Service Desk know if your email address has or will be changing.

Can only one person provide each return?

No. In fact, we would recommend that more than one individual is registered with a DELTA account with permissions for each return in your organisation to provide resilience and cover. Your colleagues can register for an account on the registration page.

How are data returns certified?

DELTA functionality permits certification of data returns (for statistical and grant returns), including self-certifying and auditing. This will only apply for those returns that require this level of sign-off based on current procedures. You need to be a qualified S151 officer in order to certify statistical returns and grants.


Where can I find guidance on DELTA?

A series of online Quick Guides provide simple and easy advice. In addition, guidance relating to your specific data collection will either be sent to you in your automated email notification or will be available for download on the form.

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